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  1. It is an outdated and unreliable science.

Animal testing is a thing of the past! We have made significant medical advancements without using animals that are more effective for humans and more technologically savvy.

2. It is cruel and painful.

There is no way to sugar coat this. The truth is, millions and millions of healthy animals die each year as a “necessary evil” that comes with animal testing. Not only do animals suffer physically but living in a lab is also emotionally and mentally damaging.

3. It is wasteful and time consuming.

The amount of resources, money and time spent using animals in research is VERY wasteful compared to the alternative types of medicine that do not use animal models.

What YOU can do to help!

-Shop Cruelty-Free

-Get involved, speak up for animals

-Donate to a nonprofit organization

-Foster/Adopt a rescued lab animal

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