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Rescue stories


Chickpea was liberated in July of 2020 from an animal research laboratory. He was destined for a much different path but lucky for him an anonymous person reached out and asked if we wanted a bun that would likely be euthanized. He is the inspiration behind Save The Buns, Inc. and we hope to help many more like him in the future.

Thank you again for those involved in his liberation, your compassion for sparing a life that day was remarkable.



"After working in the laboratory animal field for three years, being able to rescue and foster Clove has truly been a full circle moment for me. The three years I worked in the field drained a lot from me and being able to give back to even just ONE rabbit has been such a highlight in my life.


We, at Save The Buns have accomplished our first rescue and he has started to heal that part of my heart".
-Katrina L. ( Save The Buns)

Clove was rescued in November of 2022 from an animal research laboratory. He was going to be euthanized for a low weight which made him undesirable for testing. An anonymous person reached out and asked if we wanted to scoop him up- so we did! 

Unfortunately, Clove had post-op complications from his neuter procedure in May 2023 and he did not survive. He was our first loss for STB and we miss him dearly. He will be honored throughout our mission and we have plans on memorializing him by constructing an edible flower garden when the sanctuary is built.

St. Patrick's Day Rescue
-A very Lucky Day for Buns!

Save The Buns, Inc. had our FIRST official MULTI-BUN rescue! We rescued FOUR buns

(Carrot, Potato, Radish and Turnip) on March 17th, 2023. Then the remaining TWO buns

(Parsnip and Ginger) were rescued on March 25th, 2023.

All buns came from an animal laboratory based in the Boston, MA area. They were going to be utilized in a breeding program for a cardiology study but did not possess the genetic makeup needed for that particular testing.

FORTUNATELY, we were contacted by someone who had connections inside the lab and we were able to work with them and the laboratory staff to get these hoppers out! Instead of euthanasia these little leapers now have a new chance at life. Please welcome our new friends!

We cannot disclose the laboratory name or location as it would be a breach in our confidentiality agreement. We hope to keep this connection long term and have them join our, Bun Club program. Which essentially is a contract between ourselves and the lab to work together for the rabbits. Adoption over Euthanasia for these little leapers!

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